Nikon Optistation V Automated Inspection Station
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Nikon Optisation V Automated Inspection Station offers an ergonomic design
and a user-friendly operating environment. This compact-size wafer inspection
system, which features dual cassette wafer handling, also offers high accuracy
and high throughput. The Optistation-V macro illuminators simplify visual
macro inspections of unevenness, defocus, and other items that are difficult to
observe in conventional systems.  Some highlights of the system are:

  • Small footprint and high throughput decreases cost of ownership.
  • User friendly operating environment. The Optistation-V incorporates the
    powerful and expandable DART software for  the ultimate control of
    wafer inspection systems.
  • Dual feeder arms and rotating triple arms are used in the transfer
    system to achieve high throughput.
  • A clean transfer system suppresses contamination. SMIF is supported.
  • 125, 150, and 200mm (5", 6", 8") wafers can be transferred and
    inspected. (100 mm (4") handling possible as an option.)
  • Full range of optical techniques. Accommodates brightfield,       
    darkfield, Nomarski, DIC as well as confocal observation.