Lambda Physik COMPex 150 Laser System
This versatile oscillator/amplifier laser system allows either low
divergent, spectrally narrowed or high power density operations.

System specifications:

  • Power: ≤ 30 W.

  • Pulseshape temp.:≥ 10 ns.

  • Pulse to Pulse stability: ± 12 %.

  • Beam divergence: ≤ 0.2 mrad.

  • Bandwidth(T mode): ≤3 pm.

  • Tuning range (T mode): ≥ 0.4 nm

  • Pulse length: ~ 20ns

  • PC control.

  • Laser medium: ArF (193 nm), KrF (248 nm), XeCl (308 nm)

  • CDRH-class (laser classification): IV

  • Dimensions w/out computer: (L x H x W): 1960 x 1350 x 828 mm³

  • Weight: 875 kg

Two separately charged and switched laser heads built as single unit.

Choice of operations:
a)Oscillator-Power-Amplifier (OPA) Mode
b)Tuning Mode
c)Two-Color Mode at pulse energies up to 500 mJ and repetition rates
up to 50 Hz.

All modules of system contained within laser cabinet.

Wheels on unit for easy movement to different operating sites.

Extra space available for optional halogen gas generator and 50-liter
premix gas bottle.
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