Denton DV-502C High Vacuum Evaporator
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Denton evaporator (DV-502C) is equipped with cryo-pump and diagnostic apparatus:

  • 14” dia. by 18” high Pyrex bell jar and a stainless steel eight port.
  • Upside down rotary omni substrate holder.
  • Electrical requirement: 208 V, 4 wire, 60 amp with ground and neutral
  • Air requirement: 80 to 120 psi at 8 C.F.M. clean/ dry
  • Water requirement: 7 G.P.M. at 75 to 85F
  • Pumping system: Cryo-pump (CTI 100) and mechanical pump (Alcatel 2008: two-
    stage, direct drive, 7 C.F.M.)
  • Vacuum gauges (pressure ranged from micron to atmosphere)
  • Gas controller: Brooks Instruments gas flow controller (from 0 to 100 sccm of gas
  • System controller: microprocessor based controller
  • Sources: DVI Minigun and CC-100 Ion Source. The resistance source is a 2 KW
    source capable of 500 A at 5 V or 200 A at 10 V.