CEE 1000 Hotplate
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The Model 1000 Hotplate supports three bake methods: proximity,
soft-contact, and hard contact.

A removable, portable timer measures bake time.
A microprocessor-driven, three-mode controller permits precise
control of temperature critical processes up to 300 degrees
Celsius with 1.0 Celsius  resolution.

Easily installed retrofits facilitate changing substrate size form
large photomasks to Si of GaAs wafers less than 1 inch in
diameter (standard capacities of 0.5 to 6 inches).

A benchtop unit, the Model 1000 Hotplate covers less than two-
square feet (dimensions: 11” H x 18” L x 13.2” D, weight: 46 lb)
and requires only common utilities: 120 VAC, nitrogen gas (35 psi
minimum), and vacuum.