Airco Temescal BJD-1800 Evaporator
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Download Airco Temescal BJD-1800 Specs
Airco Temescal BJD-1800 Evaporator system features an 18-
inch-diameter by 9-inch-high stainless steel substrate chamber
that is hinged and spring-loaded. Pumping module has a speed
of 1000 liters/second at the high vacuum and more than 800
liters/second at the evaporation chamber. System is all stainless
steel to achieve highest vacuum integrity and easy cleaning. All
internal surfaces exposed to high vacuum are #4 finish. In
addition, all dynamic seals are bellows-sealed, and o-rings are
used only as static seals.

Additional Specs:

•        CV-8 power supply
•        Six 15cc hearths
•        TFI Telemark 270 series gun with XYS sweep control
•        Cryopump
•        Granville Phillips ionization gauge
•        Inficon crystal monitor
•        Fixed 8" substrate carrier
•        Rotary substrate motor driving system
•        Planetary dome
•        MKS gas flow controller