AMAT Centura 5200 eMXP Etch
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  • 200mm
  • CH-A: eMXP+, enhanced MXP+ oxide etch chamber
  • CH-B: DPS, Polysilicon DPS etch, version D1
  • CH-F: remote orientor/center finder
  •  Mainframe: Centura mainframe
  •  Gas panel: Centura gas panel with Seriplex control
  •  Narrow body tilt-out loadlocks
  •  Remote frame, Centura VME rack with turbo controllers and  
     Centura RF generator rack
  •  Four Vacuum pumps: CH-A, CH-B, loadlock, and X-Fer chamber
  •  Three Neslab chillers (model HX-150) for MXP cathode, DPS  
     cathode, and walls
  •  One AMAT heat exchanger (model 186363) for CH-B wall 65C temp