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AMAT Centura 5200 HTF
  • CH-A Poly HT, Polysilicon deposition chamber doped and
    undoped, 200mm, 450c - 1200c temp range, reduced pressure
  • CH-C RTP; version MOD2 rapid thermal oxide deposition and
    rapid thermal anneal (O2 and N2) 450C-1100C range, reduced
  • CH-D HF clean chamber
  • CH-F; Centura centerfinder
  • Gaspanel; Centura HT gas panel
  • Remote frame; Centura remote frame/VME controller
  • Loadlocks; standard wide body
  • Four vacuum pumps: loadlock, X-fer chamber, Poly chamber
    and RTP chamber
  • 20 GPM Bay Voltex heat exchanger for the RTP system
  • BOC TCS-1 Effluent scrubber

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