AMAT P5000 MARK-II CVD Reactor
  • CH-A: dual frequency lamp heated TEOS, oxide
    deposition chamber, doped and undoped,
    plasma enhanced with RF generator 350-450C
  • CH-B: DxZ Nitride, DxZ style chamber, Nitride and
    silicon deposition typically 250-480 C deposition,
    plasma enhanced with Compact 2KW RF
  • CH-C: SiC,  DxZ chamber, Silicon carbide and
    carbon deposition chamber,  250-480C range,
    plasma enhanced with compact 2KW RF
  • Gas panel: P5000 gas panel with TEOS hot  box
  • Remote rack; AC remote rack with AMAT 1 style
    heat exchanger, 65C heat range
  • Vacuum pumps (4) CH-A, CH-B, CH-C and load-
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